Future Salford aims to stimulate discussion about how the city is changing and how people imagine its future.




We run Future Visioning Workshops with different groups in Salford such as decision makers, staff and students at the university and community groups.


Over sixty people have produced sketches of imagined futures ranging from rocket dresses to virtual worlds.



We have converted these ideas into a Future Salford Sketchbook




We have hosted a Salford Sci Fi Film Festival at Salford Arts Theatre to exhibit the sketches and to explore ideas around the future city in a relaxed and entertaining way. We screened futuristic film shorts and the Sci-Fi classic, Logan’s Run


Salford Arts Theatre Group also created two performances where they imagined a future where There’s No TV and They’ve Gone.




For more information about this project or if you would like visioning workshops for your communuity, get in touch with Dr Jessica Symons, now Director of Visioning Lab