First phase complete

And we’re done! First phase complete…

Over the past 6 weeks, we have worked with 6 community groups and over 60 people to capture their own visions of the future. We have also put on a film festival showing film shorts and the film classic Logan’s Run together with an exhibition of the 60+ sketches that people produced of their visions.

Now we will be bringing together the sketches into a sketchbook (including 2 short films by Cheryl Twomey) which capture and share the visions from the community. The drawings we have are really lovely and we look forward to putting them together.

Well done to the team – Suzie Goodfellow for workshop design, Laura Ager for film curation and display, Amber Sanchez for exhibition arrangement and Salford Arts Theatre for hosting the festival and exhibition. It was the smoothest project ever!! Long may it last…


Central Salford

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

So where is central Salford?

A bit confusingly ‘central Salford’ is the east of the city where it adjoins Manchester – it traces the borders of the River Irwell and takes in Ordsall, Langworthy, Broughton, Irwell Riverside and Kersal. There’s also the Crescent area, East Salford area, not to mention Greengate and Islington. It all depends on where you live, where you are from and what your job is…

For people interested in the ‘regeneration of central Salford’, look here

Getting excited

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

So many film festivals are linked to horror, e.g. Supernova, run by Grimm Up North. But what if you don’t like horror?

I like sci-fi that imagines different kinds of futures – like Hunger Games or Terminator. They may be scary and have lots of fighting in them, but the thrill comes from imagining what the future might be like and what we might be like if we lived there.

Logan’s Run imagines what life would be like if everyone had to report for extermination in their mid 30s…